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Foundation problems can worsen over time, and can greatly damage the value of your home or real estate. Waiting to have such issues examined carries risks not worth taking. We can deliver long term relief by restoring your foundation just as it was when it was built, but only if you CONTACT US by filling out the contact form or giving us a call. Serving Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri since 1990, we’ve helped so many before and we can help you now! Watch the video, view our services and visit our website for more information on us as a company.

What We Do

Conventional flooring or crawl-space foundations utilize block and beam piers to support the home’s subfloor. Signs of issues include creaking floors, unlevel floors, and cracked sheetrock around doorways and windows.
HydroGuard, Inc. utilizes a specialized mix of raw materials to produce a grout.  The grout mixture is pumped into hollow foundation blocks to solidify them thus helping to create a water-resistant barrier.
Concrete slab foundations can settle and eventually crack.  The causes can be vast but usually involve fill dirt settlement, moisture issues, or water leaks.
The most common footing settlement involves soil expansion or contraction, debris fields, moisture issues or erosion, and improper footing installation. HydroGuard, Inc. corrects footing settlement and instability with steel pilings.

As part of an outlined solution, HydroGuard, Inc. can haul and place dirt to build up low areas around footings.  We have equipment on hand to create the perfect yard swale.

HydroGuard utilizes French drain applications to address basement wall leaks, crawl-space moisture, and pressure against retaining walls.


Serving Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri including: Jonesboro, Paragould, Poplar Bluff, Ash Flat, Pocahontas, and more.

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