Foundation Piling

Footing Settlement can be linked to numerous causes.  The most common involve soil expansion or contraction, debris fields, moisture issues or erosion, and improper footing installation.

HydroGuard, Inc. corrects footing settlement and instability with steel pilings.  A piling is a structural support comprising a series or length of steel pipe.  The pilings are positioned approximately every 7 feet along a settled or unstable area of the foundation.  Once pilings are driven to refusal, a lifting assembly is set to jack the footing to the desired height.  After cracks and ledges have been closed, HydroGuard, Inc. calks and tuck points to correct any visual signs of the settlement issue.  In severe cases, small areas of brick can be re-laid and mortared.

Signs of Issues

  • Cracked Blocks or Bricks

  • Cracked Sheet-rock

  • Doors and Windows Wont Open/Close

  • Unlevel Floors