Operations Foreman/ Consultant

Steve Reid has been a HydroGuard team member for over 25 years.  Steve specializes in piling installment, block and beam, and concrete raising.  Steve’s experience is utilized in daily operations.

Shop Foreman

Brian Clark has been with Hydro Guard since its inception in 1989.  Brian coordinates tools and raw materials needed to complete run schedules.  Brian specializes in equipment driving, mud jacking, and waterproofing services.  Brian’s experience makes him a valuable asset to Hydro Guard’s team.

Team Foreman/ Consultant

Nathan Clark oversees daily field operations and team coordination.  Nathan has been with Hydro Guard 13 years.  He specializes in piling fabrication, welding, and equipment periodic maintenance.  Nathan has a vast applicable experience base to troubleshoot and solve complex issues.

Office Manager/ Consultant

Sara Hawkins manages the business aspects of Hydro Guard, Inc.  HydroGuard actively seeks clients through web-based services such as YP, Google Local Business, and Facebook.  We offer an interactive website in which potential customers can request a quote or contact us directly.  Also, Sara Hawkins follows up the messaging board and provides estimates.

Founder of Hydro Guard, Inc.

In 1989 David developed an interest in foundations and foundation repair.  Along with soil scientists and engineers, he extensively studied the expansion and contraction of support soil.